Kelly Sigler

Five years ago, I traveled to the island of Menorca to look at some horses for a friend of mine, Susan Sol. Susan had been pestering me for years to look into Spanish horses. She was now importing them from Spain to the States and Mexico.

When I arrived in Menorca and saw the stallions from Son Martorellet, I knew that these horses were special. 

I have worked with all kinds of breeds through my professional career as a trainer. I have always been drawn to clever horses that were slightly extroverted but still wanted to please. This is what I found in the Menorcans.

After that initial visit, I started traveling to Spain four times a year to take groups on riding and touring trips which I called, “Ride, Wine and Dine Dream Trips to Spain.” One of our main stops, of course, was Menorca.

Marina Layover, an expert in the breed, helped to organize all of the riding in Menorca. These rides were like something out of a Lord of the Rings… windswept cliffs, the roaring sea, then peaceful beaches where we could gallop the horses.

Everyone on those trips fell in love with the Menorcan Horses and the island that was their home. I dreamed of starting to bring them to the States and introduce the breed there.

Now, five years later, that dream is becoming a reality. We will be bringing over the first group of horses this summer.

We would love for you to be a part of this which is history in the making. We would love to help you find your dream Menorcan horse. If you cannot buy a horse, there are other ways that you can participate. We are organizing a syndicate to bring over the first stallion and group of mares. We need sponsors to help make this happen.

We are also creating an organization here that will be the registry for the States. We need people on the board and members to make this happen, as well.

Kelly Sigler Patterson

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